Application scopes of Taurit

Tires and rubber goods


Friction materials


Building, paint-and-lacquer materials


Water treatment, ecology


Agriculture, shungistim (feed additive)


Perspective works


Home page

“Koksu” mining company” LLC is a young, rapidly growing company, established in May, 2002.

The “Koksu” mining company is the only enterprise in Kazakhstan that mines and processes Koksu shungite, known on the market under the trade name “Taurit”. Today, we operate on the market of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the near abroad.  Our main activity is mining and processing a mineral, development of perspective applications of shungite practical usage and expansion of its practical application. 



Due to its unique properties and engineering of leading specialists, Taurit has been implemented in different scopes of production of large and small enterprises throughout the territory of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Today, we have the next serious task -  expansion of Taurit application scopes.

Similarly, introduction of Taurit to foreign enterprises  is possible in case of gaining experience of laboratory  and industrial tests on Taurit by foreign specialists.

“Koksu” company guarantees consistent quality of the product and security supplies to any destination. 

We are interested in expanding the sales market for our product and always OPEN FOR COOPERATION. 


We are trusted

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