About the company

“Koksu” mining company” LLC is a young, rapidly growing company, established in May, 2002.

The “Koksu” mining company is the only enterprise in Kazakhstan that mines and processes Koksu shungite, known on the market under the trade name “Taurit”. Today, we operate on the market of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the near abroad.  Our main activity is mining and processing a mineral, development of perspective applications of shungite practical usage and expansion of its practical application.The enterprise is equipped with  modern production facilities and advanced technology.

The Koksu mining company and the relevant authority of Republic of Kazakhstan signed contract № 1068 for prospecting and extraction works at Koksu deposit, Almaty region.

 “Koksu” deposit was discovered in 1986 and is situated 250 km away Almaty.


Existing  application scopes of Taurit are as follows:

  • Tire production;
  • General mechanical rubber goods production;
  • Friction materials production;
  • Building materials production;
  • Paint-and-lacquer materials production;
  • Water treatment;
  • Ecology;
  • Agriculture;
  • Feed additive.

As per today, some of perspective application scopes of Taurit are as follows:

  • Polymer materials production;
  • Activated carbon replacement;
  • Filling synthetic rubber with Taurit.

Uniqueness of the product of “Koksu” company and its undoubtedly enormous potential in implementation of innovative projects provide an opportunity to expand the application range of the material.

Modern technological level of the enterprise equipment, qualified personnel, high culture and organization of production always guarantee high quality products.


The purpose of “Koksu” mining company” LLC is continuous improvement of product quality, which corresponds to requirements and expectations of consumers and provides a steady profit growth and the development of Quality Management System to ensure continuous improvement with an emphasis on defect prevention and reduction of variation and losses in the supply chain.

The company's mission is to ensure the efficient mining, processing and sales of Koksu shungite meeting the requirements and expectations of consumers in all regions of the world in order to increase end-user satisfaction with care for the environment and future generations.

 On the way to achieve the goals and mission, we focus on the following aspects:

  1. Quality of the product corresponding to all the requirements of the consumer;
  2. Flexible pricing policy;
  3. Market research aimed at a comprehensive study of the market;
  4. Proven and coordinated logistics;
  5. An individual approach to each partner;
  6. High-quality training and retraining of employees. 


Due to its unique properties and engineering of leading specialists, Taurit has been implemented in different scopes of production of large and small enterprises throughout the territory of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Today, we have the next serious task -  expansion of Taurit application scopes.

Similarly, introduction of Taurit to foreign enterprises  is possible in case of gaining experience of laboratory  and industrial tests on Taurit by foreign specialists.

“Koksu” company guarantees consistent quality of the product and security supplies to any destination. 

We are interested in expanding the sales market for our product and always OPEN FOR COOPERATION. 

Quality management system

“Koksu” company uses an established, functioning and progressing Quality Management System (QMS). Quality of “Koksu” mining company" product, its competitiveness, lack of risk to the customer shall be provided on the basis of an effective Quality Management System based on the process approach and meet the principles and requirements of international standards  ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009.

Each employee, from the CEO to the worker is responsible for the quality of end products and the efficient use of all resources.

The company's management takes responsibility for the formation of corporate culture and the implementation of the Quality Policy, is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and measures to ensure the quality of products, respect the mentioned values ​​and calls the entire staff of the organization for that.


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