Perspective works

Perspective works

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1.  Taurit application in polymer materials production.

Experience of Taurit application in the production of mechanical rubber goods and friction materials suggested the possibility of partial replacement of technical carbon applied in the production of compounds for polymers and thermoplastics with Taurit.

In pilot production of polymer goods, a successful replacement of 50% of carbon black with Taurit has been noted without any necessity to amend the production process.

2.  Synthetic rubber production

Based upon positive laboratory results, a pilot batch of rubber SKI-3 filled with 10% of Taurit was produced under conditions of industrial production. Analysis of the batch showed a stronger, more resilient rubber product, which maintained the other properties of the original serial SKI-3, and which could cost up to 10% less than traditional rubber.

3.  Replacement of activated carbon

Works on studies of Taurit application as an activated carbon analogue for the mechanical purification of water and also the purification of cuproammonium solutions (removing polymers, acetylenic hydrocarbons and trace contaminants) and as a waste water purifier, removing petroleum products, hydrocarbons (С5,С6), methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, toluene, butanol, and other harmful impurities have been conducted.

      Note: Aside from the above mentioned scopes, research Taurit application in other spheres of production are conducted.

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