Agriculture, feed additive

Taurit for agriculture

Taurit is a mineral and soil stabilizer, possessing high adsorption, buffer, and stabilizing properties, and is a complex fertilizer containing macro and micro elements. 


A recommended dosage of Taurit depends on  the crop type and soil composition.


Main advantages of Taurit mineral fertilizer and soil stabilizer:


  • Effectiveness;
  • Improves soil structure and fertility;
  • Improves the efficiency of digestion of fertilizers;
  • Accelerates ripening and increases productivity;
  • Accumulates nutrients and vitamins in fruits;
  • Decreases accumulation of harmful effect of heavy metals salts and radionuclides;
  • Restores joint and saline soils;
  • Better rooting;
  • Improves resistance to drought;
  • Enables rapid development of plants;
  • Provides an optimal density m2;
  • Enables maximum quick and complete absorption of macro and micronutrients;
  • Increases moisture capacity and soil aeration.

Main application characteristics and properties of Taurit:

    1. Being applied as an additional nutrition in agriculture and gardening, Taurit is ecologically safe. The mineral is rich in microelements, potassium, copper and molybdenum; it is a potash fertilizer, as well as a fertilizer containing Mg, Bo, Ni, V;
    2. Application of Taurit decreases soil acidity. Presence of Taurit particles with their high heat capacity accumulates heat and slowly releases it to plants, maintaining soil moisture for for a longer period; the soil becomes more friable;
    3. When watering plants, Taurit is a filter for root system that prevents the penetration of fungal diseases, increases the size of the color mass, thereby prolonging the life of greenery;
    4. Areas fertilized with Taurit are characterized by a significant increase in yield and, immediately, by the size of vegetable crops.

          Taurit (Shungistim) as a feed additive

          Shungistim application in farming and veterinary is one of the urgent tasks to be solved for the efficiency of agricultural animals and birds. Ion exchange, adsorption, catalytic and other properties of Shungistim allow its use as mineral feed additive, catalyst and stimulator.

          Available in Shungistim, carbon with globular supramolecular structure in a metastable state has a positive effect on digestion, helps neutralize and excrete harmful substances from the birds' organisms.

          Calcium and phosphorus are the main materials for construction of shell and skeleton.

          Sodium and potassium are involved in regulation of water and salt exchange in birds’ organism; stabilize intestinal activity, heart, muscle and nerve tissues.

          Sulfur is essential for the formation of down and feather cover, forming the pros and claws.

          Iron is involved in the process of hematopoiesis and is a part of hemoglobin and plasma protein, prevents the development of anemia during egg production.

          Copper promotes the synthesis of hemoglobin and the withdrawal of metabolic products from the poultry body.

          Zinc affects the growth and calcification of bones, feather condition.

          Manganese prevents the emergence perosis or slipping of tendons and abnormal development of limbs.

          Cobalt stabilizes the protein and carbohydrate metabolism, promotes the formation and assimilation of vitamin B12 in developing organism.

          Selenium is involved in protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, contributes to accumulation of vitamin E during the reproduction period.

          Shungistim reduces the speed of intestine transit and positively affects digestion, neutralization and removal of harmful substances from the body.

          When conducting production tests at a number of the poultry enterprises, Shungistim application showed the following:

            • Immunity enhance;
            • High efficiency on poultry safety up to 98%;
            • Increase in the weight of poultry by 40-160 grams;
            • Improving feed conversion to 3.7%;
            • Protein, carbohydrate, metabolism are normalized;
            • Eggs shells become much stronger.
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