Tires and rubber goods

Taurit for tire and rubber goods production

Taurit application in tire and mechanical rubber goods production is highly perspective due to its chemical composition - silica content up to 85%. There is, therefore, great potential for Taurit use in tire production because silicates account for up to 70% of tires’ composition, and replacing it with Taurit is up to 10% more economical.

Taurit of “TS-D” grade (further Taurit) is mainly used as a replacement for carbon black and white silica materials.

It has been found that using Taurit in rubber and tire production not only results in lower costs, but also enhances the technological and technical properties of rubber. 

Technological and technical properties of Taurit

  • It is easily introduced into rubber mixes;
  • It is well-mixed and dispersed;
  • It is evenly distributed in mixes;
  • It is well moistened with polymeric binding;
  • Rubber mixes with Taurit are better rolled and calendered; the surface of rolled and calendered plates is more equal and smooth;
  • It has plasticizing influence on rubber mixes, especially the ones based on non oil-filled rubbers;
  • It is characterized with low level of dust and convenient in operation because of specially developed fusible packing;
  • It does not allocate unpleasant smell at high temperatures.

The quantity of Taurit required is best determined by the physical and mechanical demands placed upon the tires and rubber goods, as well as the combination of compounds used by the particular manufacturer.


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