Koksu shungite rocks ("Taurit" trade mark) is a unique formation. They are unusual in  genesis,  structure of constituent carbon and the structure of the rock. The properties of shungite rock are determined by two factors: firstly, the properties of shungite carbon, secondly, the structure of rock, relation between carbon and silicates. According to the composition of mineral foundations, shale and carbonate Taurit are distinguished.

Taurit powder is used in the manufacture of tires, rubber, friction products, and in the production of building materials and paints. Crushed Taurit of different fraction is used to purify drinking water, industrial and waste water, for agriculture, as a feed additive and for the solution of environmental problems.

To produce finished product "Taurit" used in various areas of industry, separate storage of raw material is carried out at the processing plant; mixing of grades is prohibited. Taurit grades produced by crushing and dry grinding operations comply with the applicable regulatory requirements of the company (SТ 60-1907-23-LLC-001-2014).

Throughout the technological process, Koksu shungites are exposed solely to mechanical grinding, without any chemical additives and fillers.

Shungite is intermediate between the amorphous and crystalline forms of carbon, showing features of both materials. This results in specific, even unique properties of shungite and its wide range of possible uses.


Physical - mechanical properties of initial shungite containing material of "TS" grade are as follows:

·         Ore density in the massive – 2,61 g/ cm3;

·         Mohs hardness – 4 – 4,5;

·         Protodyakov’s hardness – 10;

·         Category of ore crushability – average;

·         Bulk weight of shale Taurit (TS)- 1,28 – 1,38 gr/cm3;

·         Termic characteristics  T of burning start ºС/ Т мах ºС – 556/580.

Physical - mechanical properties of initial shungite containing material of "TK" grade are as follows:

·         Ore density in the massive – 2,49  г/см3;

·         Mohs hardness – 3,4 – 4;

·         Protodyakov’s hardness – 7 – 9;

·         Category of ore crushability – average;

·         Bulk weight of shale Taurit (TK)- 1,40 – 1,50 г/см3;

            ·         Termic characteristics  T of burning start ºС/ Т мах ºС – 540/680.


  Today, "Koksu" company serially produces and supplies  the following Taurit grades:


image001 image002
Initial ore (shale); Initial ore (carbonate);
image003 image004
Shale Taurt "TS"; Carbonate Taurit "TK";

Appearance: Pieces or irregular geometric shape of grain from a dark gray to black color. The size of fraction is produced on to customer's request.


Fine dispersed shale Taurit «ТS-D»;

 Fine dispersed carbonate Taurit «ТK-D».


Appearance: Fine dispersed powder from a dark gray to black color.

-   Fraction of  5 mcm is up to  90 %;

 -   Fraction of  20 mcm is more than 95 %.

Quality control

Quality control of the product is an integral part of the production process of "Koksu" mining" company LLC, and is aimed at identifying defects in the finished product and compliance with the requirements of consumers in the process of its production.

Quality control of the product is established at all stages of the production process, starting with the transportation of shungite raw material and ending with determination of conformity issued by the product specifications and parameters.

Due to the fact that shungite is used in various industrial areas, mixing of grades is not allowed.

During day a laboratory assistant of the Technical Control Laboratory makes the analysis on humidity, dike, carbon, silica, content, acidity and water-soluble in delivered ore.

The sampler of Technical Control Laboratory takes the sample from each ton of finished product and makes  a control sieve analysis.

Cumulative test is taken for each batch, which is analyzed according to the current standards of the organization, and data are recorded and noted into the passport of quality.

In case of conformity  of the finished product to all the required parameters, product is sent to the packing department.

This monitoring approach enables to analyze the manufacture of the product at all stages, and the strengthening of quality control is strongly associated with the production oriented on a particular consumer.



“Koksu” company offers alternative packaging, such as:

  •  Polypropylene bags with polyethylene liner of 30 kg (with /without label);
  •  EVA bags of easy fusible polyethylene (melting temperature 730С)  of 5, 10  kg, packed into polypropylene bags  of 30 kg (with /without label);
  •  Soft containers (Big-bags) of 1000 kg (upper and lower flap, with / without polyethylene liner);
  •   Wooden Euro pallets, weight - 500 kg, size: height – 800mm, length - 1200mm, width 800mm;
  •   Wooden Euro pallets, weight - 850 kg, size: height – 1200mm, length - 1200mm, width 800mm;
  •  Wooden Euro pallets, weight - 1000 kg, size: height – 1500mm, length - 1200mm, width 800mm.



The company has developed and optimized logistical processes starting from the moment of a customer’s application receipt to delivery of the product to destination.

Cooperation with the leading freight forwarding companies of Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe enables a prompt on-time delivery of the product to the end customer. If you have any difficulties at any stage of transportation, employees of the Logistics department quickly settle all the issues, in order to guarantee the safety of the goods and the elimination of circumstances such as the failure of production and delivery delay.

"Koksu" company offers its customers an alternative choice of transport:

  •   Railway covered wagon; loading rate – up to 63 tons;
  •   Railway high-sided wagon; loading rate – up to 65 tons;
  •   Railway container 20/40 feet ; loading rate – up to 18.5/26 tons;
  •   Vehicles, trucks;  loading rate –  up to 20 tons;
  •  Consolidated delivery, loading rate – from 1 to 5 tons. 
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