Taurit for production of bulding materials

Taurit of "TS-D" and "TK-D" grades is used as a plasticizer and fast color pigment in the production of paving tile and blocks, kerb, sand-lime bricks, and other building materials based on cement and lime-sand mixtures.

It imparts construction materials with a gray color of various intensity; at this, the material is distributed very evenly, and no spots on the surface of bricks are observed after its application.

Taurit is light, heat resistant and stable if applied in constructions containing lime and cement.

Technological and technical characteristics:

  • It is easily dispersed and combined in the mixtures at the dry blending stage and during the preparation of liquid color pigments in  silicate production;
  • It is equally distributed in the total mass of the mixture;
  • It does not unitize (due to the absence of hard-blending residue);
  • Its application is economical due to low manufacturing costs and quick application;
  • It decreases dustiness during manufacturing processes;
  • Taurit is an ecologically pure material, posing no risk to workers’ health. 

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Taurit for production of paint-and-lacquer materials

Technology of paint-and-lacquer materials production with Taurit application does not differ from the traditional one. Taurit application does not require the change of technological regimes. Each industry, producing paint-and-lacquer materials, has their own color palettes and determines the consumption of certain pigments and fillers. Respectively, Taurit consumption is determined in the process of tests at the production site where paint-and-lacquer materials are produced.

Taurit application allows to get a number of advantages of economical and technological character, due to which finished product possesses the following characteristics:

  • Refractoriness, about SK 20 (1530Co);
  • Limiting temperature of heating without change of color – up to 600Co;
  • Saving constant viscosity during long-term storage;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • No hard-blending residues;
  • Quicker drying and ability to spread paint further;
  • Reducing of production cost;
  • Easily mixed and dispersed with alkyd binders.

   Distinctive characteristics of paint and lacquer materials treated with Taurit of “TS-D” grade application: 

  • Perfect adhesion to various building materials;
  • Water and weather resistance;
  • The ability to let vapours pass through.

 Nowadays, Taurit is used in the production of the following paint-and-lacquer materials:

  • Anti-corrosion primer GF-021 of a gray color;
  • Enamel PF-115 of a gray color;
  • Oil paint MA-15 of a gray color.
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